Through years of honing her art, Shelly Roth has curated a modern-yet-timeless aesthetic.  Her approach is grounded in minimalism, simplicity, and the belief that beauty exists not only around us, but also within us.

After building a substantial salon clientele, Shelly's creativity and talent for collaboration expanded into upscale weddings and special events, in addition to fashion, editorial, and commercial photo shoots.  Her portfolio is a testament to her passion and work ethic.

Shelly's unerring eye for symmetry and proportion comes into play whether she is styling a bride, a  model on a photo shoot, or a client at the salon.  "For me, it's about listening," she says.  "I aim to connect with and understand my client's lifestyle, which helps me create their personal beauty style."

As culture evolves, so does fashion.  Shelly continues to refresh her knowledge of evolving techniques through professional workshops and cruates fashion photos shoots with her peers.

Shelly is delighted to share her expertise and passion with others.  "Sharing ideas and knowledge inspires me," she says.  "I am grateful for the gifted people I have had the opportunity to know."  She believes change and growth are essential to a creative life, and best achieved through exposure to new experiences.